Why am I not getting referrals?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be receiving as many parent referrals as you would like. Here are a few things that come to mind:

  • You may not have any or very many reviews. Parents trust other parents, so getting reviews from your existing families is critical. We recommend you invite your currently or previously enrolled parents to leave you a review.
  • You may not have any photos, or good photos. A picture is worth a thousand words for a reason. Parents like to see pictures of the facilities, staff, and other children going about their daily activities. Be sure you upload at least a few fun photos to your profile.
  • Your program description may not be interesting enough. Make sure your program description is not too short or generic and does not contain poor grammar, spelling and punctuation. Be sure to tell parents why you’re special and offer details about your services, your curriculum and your teachers.
  • Your program may not be located in a high-demand area. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that certain cities and even certain neighborhoods are in greater need for child care than others.
  • If you’re in an in-demand location, you may simply be somewhere far down the results page list. To get higher up, consider upgrading your profile to a premium, which will bump you to the very top of the search results where parents will see you right away.
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