What is a licensed provider?

Although actual terminology varies State by State, we refer to any regulated child care program as “licensed.” This means that the provider has either received a State license, County permit, or has voluntarily registered with the County/State and undergone a similar evaluation process as licensed providers. Although regulations vary from State to State, in order to obtain a permit or a license, the child care provider must typically meet the minimum State standards in terms of child health, safety, and education programs. Caregivers and staff must undergo police background checks, receive training and/or have relevant experience. Facilities must have proper safety procedures in place, receive physical examinations, and continue to undergo regular unannounced inspections.

Disclaimer: We do our best to keep information up-to-date, but we cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, including child care licenses. You should verify the license status before enrolling in any child care program. CareLuLu does not employ, recommend or endorse any child care provider and is not responsible for the conduct of any child care provider.

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