What can I do to make sure parents get back to me?

Here are the best practices to ensure parents get back to you:

  • Reply to the parent promptly! Get back to the parent by phone and email as soon as you get the parent referral. Invite the parent for a tour so you can get to know them and their little one.
  • Follow up with the parent again in a couple of days because frankly emails get lost and voice mails overlooked. If you don’t hear back, assume the parent is simply busy, being rude is not their intention!
  • Smile when you leave your voice mails. Sound pleasant and inviting on the phone and in your email when you follow up.
  • If you’re fine with it, offer the parent a limited-time promotion. If they don’t pick up the phone, mention it in your voice mail.

We encourage you to be patient and optimistically persistent. Regularly follow up with the family to remind them that you’re there. Feel comfortable following up by phone and email at least up to 5 times. Don’t get discouraged, we’ll send you more parents! ☺

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