Why is my dashboard important?

Your dashboard is important because it enables you to:

  • Edit your profile: You can add new pictures, updated your description, openings and contact information.
  • Track your profile views & parent referrals: The analytics page found within your dashboard, allows you to see in real time how many views your profile has received. More importantly, the analytics page is where you can find how many and which parents have reached out to you. If you happen to miss a parent referral email from us, simply log into your dashboard to get the parent’s contact information.
  • Reply to tour requests: If you get a tour request, you will need to confirm or reschedule that request by logging into your dashboard.
  • Invite parents to leave you a review: We made it easy for you, simply plug in your current families’ email addresses and we’ll send them an invite from you asking to leave you a review.
  • Invite fellow child care providers & get credit: For every new child care program that creates a CareLuLu profile through you, we’ll get you both a $20 credit. For every child care program that signs up for our premium services through you, we will give you 1 free month of premium.
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