How does CareLuLu verify provider info?

CareLuLu doesn't just aggregate data from other websites; we go directly to primary sources: child care providers, parents whose children attend a particular child care program, and our staff who visit the facilities.

Our “Verified” providers undergo a lengthy vetting process and provide detailed information about their child care or preschool program. CareLuLu staff visits in person and photographs every “Verified” facility.

CareLuLu only lists child care programs that were either licensed or regulated by their state or county. To obtain a license or permit, a child care provider must typically meet the minimum State or County standards in terms of child health, safety, and education programs. Caregivers and staff must also undergo police background checks, receive physical examinations and have a certain level of education or training in child care.

Disclaimer: We verify licensing information before listing any new program on our website. Please note that after the initial verification, CareLuLu cannot guarantee license validity. We do our best to keep information up to date, but we encourage parents to check for a valid license when they engage with a child care provider.


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